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Why join us?

Each year the African American Cultural Center receives a number of applications to join our student staff either as a paid employee or for a limited number of student internships and practicums. We highly value our student workers, as they are integral to the everyday functioning of the Center. We are committed to creating a warm and supportive working environment for all of our student staff.

AACC Student Employees of the Year 2016


Our staff says:

“Being a student worker at the AACC has opened a lot of opportunities for me—mentally, educationally, and socially. Working here has became an outlet for me to be creative and keep my mind active. I’ve learned how to balance my class assignments and my work tasks. My time at the Center has impacted my social life tremendously. I have created a lot of friendships and established a lot of connections.”

Jaydeen Sewell, Senior, Biology major




“The African American Cultural Center is a place where I can be challenged to hear new ideas and perspectives from students with a wide variety of backgrounds. I can always count on the center to expose me to numerous resources from around the university and the state.”

Joshua Crittenden, Senior, Environmental Engineering major



Student Staff Positions

  • Senior Positions (only returning AACC staff members are eligible for these positions)
    • Student Manager
    • Head Programmer
    • Lead Designer
    • Editor of the Vision
  • Office Assistant
  • Programmer
  • Facility Monitor
  • Vision Team Member
  • Design Team Member
  • Photographer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant

Student Employee Application

Internships & Practicums

Internships and practicums with the African American Cultural Center are handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Center Director. Please contact the Center Director for more information.