The AACC Royal Court (Formerly Mr. & Ms. AACC UConn Pageant)

Established in 1983, the AACC Royal Court (formerly known as the Mr. & Ms. AACC UConn Pageant) has become a cherished tradition within the AACC community. It offers a platform for students to participate in a friendly competition, showcasing their confidence, poise, style, and talent. Participants are evaluated on various criteria including their performance, talent show, casual and formal attire, as well as their responses to questions addressing themes related to Black, African, and African American identities and cultures.

Moreover, contestants are expected to embody the core values and mission of the AACC, which include promoting cultural preservation, fostering quality leadership, and striving for academic excellence. Beyond the competition for the crowns, scholarships, and an array of prizes, winners of the AACC Royal Court also earn the honor of representing the AACC in the Homecoming Pageant.

The recent change in the event’s name reflects our commitment to gender inclusivity.

Date and Time

To be announced (in April)